25 tháng 4, 2014

Proposal for collaboration, sharing posts

Introduction about share post or document technical

Hello everyone, with a purpose have post well about technical share all people, we hope people love technology.We hope yourself make it development, how do make development.
We want it, you’re about it?

1. If you can, you WILL share post of you.

Post of you or collection or see of the website any about technical. You will send for us.

2. We will censor content. 

When you send, we’ll censor content in accordance of our blog…All these things we closely censor and will reply to you as soon as possible. Within 2 days, we will reply to you via email.
When your article is published consent on our blog, we will record is your author, and will send link post for your check.
With a post, you can use language Vietnamese or English. Note that if you must use full Vietnamese mark, not abbreviated, no written language teen…

3. Source posts, reference.

All posts are clearly written post source: example: author post is your, or reference of website or a document or your collection...

4. They should you contribute to what?

Post / Magazines/ Newspapers/ Technical / Tutorial….
Document/ Video good about all technical
Website useful technical.

5. They’re collection about what for themselves and yourself.

We do NOT get anything at all from your post, your document.
You don’t have anything source of don’t money of charge when sharing everything with us.
We have a post useful from you, from website your share, from document of your share….we collection knowledge.
You have a : confidently when your share with community, you get experience, knowledge of your own creation, you will mature  and better.

6. Address send post and contacts us.

To do all these things, you go ahead with our, confidently send it back to us.
Send it to us at the following address:
Email: tech.fea@gmail.com or nguyenhuutien@msn.com
Join the group about tech FEA ( Finite-Element Analysis) :
Page information science: https://www.facebook.com/GOSRs
With the share as on our, we hope that together we contribute a bit of effort into the development or engineering in the country and the world. With this the target, everyone together development.
I wish you strong health and better.
Best wish
Tien Nguyen Huu